Try Our Boats

Try our boats at Ardingly Reservoir.

You can check easily out how good Falcon Racing Boats are. We have a demonstration fleet located at Ardingly Reservoir, West Sussex, just a few minutes from Gatwick Airport.

Make your appointment now and try our boats at a time convenient to you.

We might also, depending on circumstances, be able to supply you with a demonstrator boat to your club, so that you can test the boats at your own leisure.

You can also hire our boats for racing at the following regattas:

International Rowing Masters Regatta16th to 18th of Oct 2020
BUCS Regatta30th April to 2nd May 2021
Henley Woman’s Regatta18th to 20th June 2021, Henley, GB
Henley Royal Regatta29th June to 4th July 2021, Henley, GB
Henley Masters Regatta9th and 10th July 2021, Henley, GB

Other regattas, are also possible by request. Please direct your enquiries to