Coastal 1x

Falcon boats are build to the highest standards at an affordable price. If you want to know more about the boat construction, please see more at our Guide to Falcon Boats

guide to falcon boats

SILVER Version:

The Costal Single is currently only available in the Silver Version.

The Silver version is built for lightness and quality, the intended use is
for athletes and crews who are competing at national elite level.

The honey comb pyrolytic carbon
sandwich construction is made up of 100% prepreg Kevlar carbon and a Nomex foam
honeycomb layer.

This mix gives the boat a great and lasting stiffness and a great
transmission of the produced power into the water whilst remaining enduring for
everyday use.

The Sax board is constructed from
a mix of high resistance carbon in a
PVC/Kevlar and Nomex core sandwich structure

Coastal 1x599.8 cmtbc60-80n/atbcn/a