Guide to Falcon Boats

How Falcon Racing Boats are made

Falcon Racing Boats you do not need to compromise quality to meet your budget, with Falcon Racing Boats you get first class boats for second class prices. Falcon Racing Boats are manufactured to the highest standard, offering you at any level the best value for your money.

With Falcon Racing Boats you can chose from a wide range of hull shapes and configure your boat according to your perssonal preferences.

With all boats you get our unique bottle holder and height adjustable seats.

Our boats come, as a standard, in white with the trademark coloured lines on the bow and stern canvas. If you wish you can order your boat in a wide range of colours without any additional costs. In our boat configurator you can choose your own RAL Colour for your boat. A two or more tone colour scheme is also possisble, but would then incur ssome additionasl costs. We are happy to discuss your requirements individually with you.

You can also order any number of partitions for any boat type without any extra costs.

For each boat you can choose from a variety of rigger configurations, and select the shoes you want.

All of our racing shells are available in three different specifications, Bronze, Silver and Gold, to ensure you can choose the right combination of performance and price for you.

Bronze Version:

Our Bronze version is build for durability and is intended to be used in training and racing. The hull is constructed as a double layerd sandwich construction with a foam core mat and layered glass fibre and a mix of carbon fibre and kevlar.

This sandwich construction makes the hull more durable and enduring in everyday club use.

Silver version

The Silver version is build for lightness and quality, the intended use is for athletes and crews who are competing at national elite level.

The honey comb pyrolytic carbon sandwich construction is made up of prepreg carbon, kevlar and a foam honeycomb layer. This mix gives the boat a very reliable stiffness and a great transmission of the produced power into the water whilst remaining relatively enduring for everyday use..

Gold Version

The gold version is our top level finish and designed to deliver highest possible speed and stiffness, whilst being extremely light and comfortable to row. The weight of a gold version boat is typically just under the FISA minimum weight, with a stiffness not bettered by other manufacturers. The boat is fitted with New Wave Rowing shoes as standard.

The Hull is build up with 5 layers made from pure carbon honeycomb sandwich construction, using only prepreg carbon, with the following layers used from the inside to the outside:

Inside:                  Unidirectional prepreg carbon

Followed by       Nomex honeycomb core

Followed by       prepreg woven carbon

Followed by       two layers of crossed unidirectional prepreg carbon

Followed by undercoat and paint as ordered by you

All boats are finished to the high standard you can expect from high performing boats.