Sweep oars

Our ZJ sweep blades give you a wide range of options to customise your blades to your individual needs. Which ever version you choose, you always pay one prize, based on the Shaft type. You have the choice of four blade shapes, three shaft varieties and three length ranges and different diameters for your handles.

The shaft types vary by the amount of Carbon fibre as part of the matting. We offer the sweep shafts in three different types, which differ in their weight and stiffness (flex).

All our blades are length adjustable with different ranges depending on type of shaft and type of handle. You can choose between the length ranges “short” (370cm to 375cm), “medium” (372cm to 377cm) or “long” (375cm to 380cm).

All blades are manufactured with 0⁰ degree pitch. Custom set pitch is available upon request.

Shaft types


50% carbon and 50% glass-fibre shaft. An all-round, durable blade for club level use, training and competition. Each oar weighs 2,800 grams, (+/- 20 grams).


80% carbon and 20% glass-fibre shaft. A light and versatile blade for use in clubs, as well as for elite level training and racing. Each oar weighs 2,600 grams, (+/- 20 grams).


100% carbon shaft. A blade for performance athletes who are looking for the lightest and stiffest possible shaft. The reduction of flex is notable, and best suited to develop and maintain high precision movement patterns. However, the lack of flex should be taken into consideration when choosing the corresponding blade shape. Each oar weighs 2,500 grams, (+/- 20 grams).

Blade Shapes

With Falcon Racing Boats you can choose between four different blade shapes for your oars.

ZJ-S1 Smoothie Vortex; 25cm wide, 55cm long

The ideal all-rounder performance blade with a great character and pressure profile during the stroke. Clear catches and easy extraction, with the pressure building up relatively quickly after the catch.

ZJ-F1 Big Smoothie Vortex Edge; 27cm wide, 55cm long

This is made for athletes who seek to get maximal pressure early during the stroke. Ideal for firm catches and building the pressure fast. Especially suited for use in faster boats.

ZJ-ND Wide Smoothie; 25.5cm wide, 55cm long

With this shape the pressure is more evenly spread during the stroke, with great entry and extraction characteristics.

ZJ-M1 Macon; 20cm wide, 58.5cm long

The ideal blade for Beginners. The ridge provides stability in the water. Due to the lower and more even pressure profile in the water this blade shape does help reducing back pains and helps athletes who are still developing the right technique.


All of our handles are produced from a carbon/glass fibre mix and allow for length adjustments of 5 cm.

The handles are fully foam mantled with a diameter of 44mm.